Big Data Management

Big Data Management and Analytics Services

In the growing world of information and increasing input through the systems it becomes difficult to manage data seamlessly. It becomes need of the hour to look for solutions to manage data and stay in hunt with growing competition. That is where Big Data comes into picture with the management strategy that includes an integrated solution for different types of data like historical data for years.

It comprises of capturing, Storing, analayzing, searching, sharing, visualization etc. Data is processed with advanced tools to reveal meaningful information. We at Kanak Infosystems LLP. start it by analyzing your case by gathering data and other information as required and create the necessary tool to output analytical results and faster operations.

Some of the widely used tools are:

  1. Hadoop
  2. MongoDB
  3. Talend
  4. Pentaho

We help our clients to manage their vast organizational data. We offer development and implementation of an effective data management program across various digital platforms and domains. Our services of big data management help our clients to maximize their business revenues by saving the time in managing data and they can increase their operational efficiency.

We are offering in Big Data Management Solution

Big Bata Management Consulting - This Program includes following services

Big Data Strategy

Our experts will plan, and implement their existing data, skills, and technology!

Data hub solution

This solution will help you in refine, and store vast amounts of raw data at low investments.

Data Architecture

We will prepare data models, auditing and performance optimization!

Data Analytics

Analytics preparation and exploratory analytics within data labs.

Data Integration

Data Integration service using one of the popular tool Pentaho.

Data Quality Management

100% assurance about quality of data!

Data Testing

Our experts will review and test all data integrated and transferred.

Data Installation and Configuration

Our experts will help you to install and configure your organization data where u want.

Big Data Security

Security is big concern, so We assured for 100% data security and privacy.

Big Data Support and Managed Services

We are happy to help you any time, complete technical support on our all data management services.


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